GretchCannon: Video - Easy 5 Minute Makeup with Maskcara Beauty


Video - Easy 5 Minute Makeup with Maskcara Beauty

I am still obsessing over this Maskcara Beauty makeup you guys! It is so fast and easy. I made a quick video this morning to show you that you only need 3 products, 4 steps and 5 minutes to get a beautiful candlelit glow and your face made up for the day! This is perfect for tired or busy women from all walks of life! Check out the video at this link and below!

Here is my before and after photo. I only did my eye makeup and brows before using my Maskcara Beauty products. Colors I used: Amber, Indigo, Pink Grapefruit, Pearl

  • Lots more info can be found here on my previous blog post!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to get color matched for free, and I can recommend some starter products for you. This makeup is so different and genius, I know you will love it! Anyone can do it!! 

Thanks for watching and have a fab weekend.
Love you all!


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