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Weekly Skincare Routine

Every Saturday or Sunday when I am relaxing I love to do my skincare ritual to get ready for the week ahead. Sometimes it is during the day, sometimes before bed. Here are some of my favorite tools. I posted this on Instagram a few weeks ago and I will finally go through my routine for you guys below!

My weekly skincare routine:
  1. I wash my face with my current favorite cleanser and my Clarisonic Cleansing System. 
  2. Then, I (carefully) shave my face with a Tinkle Razor and Marula Beauty Oil
  3. I then use my Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser, which is amazing! 
  4. I roll my face after that with my Ora Microneedle Age Roller System, which provides SO many benefits.
  5. Then, I PMD my face all over (this is my favorite part), with this personal microderm kit. I use the sensitive discs.  
  6. I relax with some oxygen eye masks, then..
  7. I end it all by slathering my face with my favorite night time face cream

Let me know if you have any questions about details!
I would love to know what your weekly routine is! 



April Beauty Empties

Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray - This stuff is amazing! I love the 3oz size because it it cheaper and perfect for travel. I like the smell of it - reminds me of art class as a child for some reason. No sulfates, which is good for my tape in hair extensions, and a light hold that I feel doesn't build up.  

Zim's Max Crack Creme - I love this for night time on my feet!! It was created by a pharmacist, so this stuff is legit! I recommend it for anyone with dry, cracked heels. 

Pink Sugar Perfume - I love this perfume, not only because it smells like cotton candy and super sexy, but it is the only thing I can wear around my Mom that doesn't bother her allergies! It is such a playful, but romantic scent and I always get compliments on it whenever I wear it anywhere! 

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk - This stuff is SO good!! The smaller size is cheaper if you want to try it, but I think you all will love this. It is a hydrating treatment serum that you use on your face under your regular moisturizer or night cream. It is light feeling and fresh. It absorbs really easily too.  

ABH Brow Wiz Dark Brown - Cult fav of course, I love my ABH brow products. I actually like this thinner pencil better than the thicker one. It creates hair like strokes better than the thicker one I feel like.  

Up & Up Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes Evening Calm - For less than $4 at Target, these are my favorite night time makeup remover wipes. They make me feel fresh, I never break out, and I only need to use 1 to remove all of my makeup. This is a purchase I will always repeat! 

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist - I am such a light sleeper, and I have a whole routine I do before bed to try to get relaxed. This is something I use every night to relax me and I love it! 

Vaseline Spray Moisturizer Aloe Soothe - LOVE this stuff! Good for after sun lotioning, but mostly I love it because I can be lazy when it comes to lotion after I shower or bathe. So, instead of having to rub a thick cream all over yourself, you just mist yourself all over! It can be cold sometimes, but it is just so easy, smells so fresh, and I love it.  

Enjoy Hydrating Conditioner - Perfect conditioner for tape in hair extensions, because there are no sulfates in it, which can be bad for the tape. The packaging has changed as you can tell from the link. I am going to actually repurchase this right now!!!  

Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone SPF 15 - If you have followed me for some time now, you know I love these skin creams for day and night. They can be expensive, but I like to look for deals that include free gifts with purchase. They have never broken me out, and I think they really help my skin stay youthful looking.  

L'Oréal Visible Lift Foundation 149 Buff Beige - This is one of my favorite drugstore foundations. The color is perfect on me, and it includes retinol, vitamin C and SPF in it for your skincare needs.

What did you use up this month at your house? 
Share with me! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 



My Spring Beauty Favorites

You guys!!! I love Spring, and all of the bright colors, light fragrances, and pretty things. I pulled a few faves to share with you guys!!

Click below to shop these items online! If you cannot see them on your mobile device, open in a browser here.

Leopard Clutch: Perfect for all of your makeup, to carry for a night on the town as a clutch, or to use in your purse! This is an awesome price, too. You will probably be seeing this one a lot on the blog.

Shape Tape: Have you heard of this cult favorite concealer yet? It has super great coverage for anyone who has a lot of discoloration or under eye bags! I use the color Light and Sephora does not carry this item!

Blush Brush: This is hands down the most beautiful makeup brush I own. The brush itself has hints of pink, is super soft, and the handle is a beautiful pointed rose gold. I have had it for a while, but I have been reaching for it a lot lately!

Perfume: This is going to be my SUMMER SCENT guys. I love love love this. I actually got a sample of it in an online order and I had to have it. It smells like the beach mixed with vanilla and it is just sexy and flirty and fun! You have got to try this for yourself.

Blush: Bobbi Brown created a hit with this blush. I love it for all seasons, but especially for spring and summer to add more color to my face. And this is a great size.

Mascara: I have always heard good things about this mascara, so I am so happy I finally got to try it for myself! It is the perfect amount of pigment and curl and length for your lashes. I love it!

Pink Lipstick: You have to get a good pink lipstick for spring! I love this Tory Burch lipstick that I purchased at a Nordstrom Rack a couple of months ago, but I don't think she makes makeup anymore!! I am so sorry! Check out this lipstick that is on my Sephora wishlist instead. #57 is beautiful and is what Reese Witherspoon wore in the show Big Little Lies!

Also, I found the exact Gold Tray online, but I can't find any in stock!
Click here if you want to keep your eye on this one!

I hope you like this post, let me know what your recent faves are!


PS.. if you didn't see yesterday, check out my big news post!


Big News!

I have some fun, big news to share with my readers! I am now a Gold Canyon Consultant! This company has the BEST high quality candles out there, they seriously smell so AMAZING, they have wickless products, cleaning products, beautiful home decor, and trendy and classic jewelry pieces! 

I love everything we carry and I think you will too! I won't blog about this much, but I just wanted to announce it here on the blog once to get the word out! You can message or text me to place an order for you, or you can order directly from my website linked below! 

Shop Here:

Facebook Page (join to see monthly specials!)

There is an awesome special going on till the end of April if you want to do some Mother's Day shopping! Check it out below:

Let me know if you have any questions!



Instagram Lately

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a great week. I wanted to round up some Instagram looks I have posted lately for you guys!

San Clemente Outlets Look: This backpack by Henri Bendel is so adorable! Shop the look below! Don't forget to use the right arrow and OPEN up the blog in your browser if you don't see the images below in your email program. Necklace is same brand, but not exact. Want to know a secret? The photo was taken outside the restroom!! They have the PRETTIEST bathrooms at these outlets! I had so much fun shopping with my Mom last week. AND we got over 10K steps in that day!

Flight Day look! James and I went flying to Chino (Flo's Cafe) for breakfast, and it was a beautiful and fun day! Get the look below! Top is exact! Sandals are old BCBG, but I posted some similar ones that would create the look.

Flight to Utah to see friends! Ok, so maybe wearing these booties wasn't that smart because I had to take them off in the TSA line even though I have PreCheck! But it was a pretty comfy flight outfit for a short flight to Utah a couple of weeks ago! 

Northern California Snow! James and I attended a family wedding up north last weekend, and got to drive up and see some gorgeous snow and scenery before the ceremony. All items below are similar! So fun to wear a big wool hat!

I hope you enjoyed this round up post!
Do you have any fun plans this week?



Wedding Guest Attire

I had the pleasure of returning to my home state of Georgia a couple of weekends ago to attend James's cousin Margaret's wedding in Atlanta! I had not attended a wedding since 2013, before I got sick! So, we were both excited to get dressed up and have a nice night together with his family. 

We went shopping separately, but we found what I thought were outfits that coordinated really nicely together. We have both have had a hard really few years together with my struggle, so it was really nice to feel confident and dress up as each other's dates. We were proud of ourselves and so happy to be able to celebrate with his family. 

Scroll through to see the photos and shop the looks at the end! And CONGRATULATIONS MAGGIE AND ALEX! 

My Outfit:
The 1st dress below is the exact one I wore, but mine was the navy. I included some other similar options for you guys, too! I would actually really love to own the white color too, if I had somewhere to wear it! The necklace I linked is exact, and I loved how it complimented everything! The dress was comfortable, flattering for my body shape, and perfect for weather that was a little on the cool side. This is my 1st purchase from this dress brand, and I was impressed! I would definitely purchase from them again. 

My Makeup:
It was my 1st time trying these Faux Mink lashes, and I think they really completed the look. They were super lightweight. I also really recommend this foundation for legit long lasting wear for any event. I know you can't see it, but I had to include my scent of the night, too! :)

James's Look:
James's blog debut - exciting, right? His wool Sport Coat is exact, the rest are all similar. He looked so handsome! I love that he opted for the pocket square in lieu of a tie!

We have another wedding to go to next weekend! 
What are you wearing this wedding season?



Comfy Shoes. Holey Sweatshirt.

Happy Friday! I have been OBSESSED with this sweatshirt and these shoes lately!

I wore this outfit for a day out with my Mom a week or so ago, and I was just so comfy - but still felt like I was sporting some trends. Everything is linked below. The shoes, sweatshirt, jeans, and purse are exact. Jewelry is similar. Shout out to my sweet girlfriend Adi - who sent me the sweatshirt and convinced me that I should wear a medium. :) Now we are also convinced we need this cold shoulder sweatshirt from VS that our friend Megan just got. Thoughts?

I am ready for some SPRING CLEANING!
What are your plans this weekend?

I plan to post some things on Poshmark!



Big Island Fashion

ALOHA! My trip to the Big Island in Hawaii at the beginning of this month was amazing! 

I had so much fun putting together some fun resort/ island looks for my trip and wanted to share them all here in one post for you. They are posted on my Instagram feed as the last few things I published, and as promised, links to items are below in the little thumbnails below each photo! 

Make sure to click the right arrow after each 3 items to view more. If you are reading this in your email and cannot see the shopping galleries I created, please open up the blog in a browser like Chrome or Safari here, and the photos and shopping links should be easier to see.

Day 1:

I wore this fun off the shoulder shirt with a pop of color on the tassels for our 1st night in Hawaii on the Big Island. We stayed at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, and had a lovely sunset happy hour/ dinner at the pool bar at sunset. Shop this look my scrolling and clicking the photos you see above! Tops & jewelry are similar, shorts and clutch are exact! 

Day 2:

We had the pleasure of enjoying the hotel Breakfast Buffet our 2nd morning on the Big Island, and I wore this comfy outfit for a walk along the beach. Tank & shorts are exact! I love the quote on it, "Wherever you are, be all there" I love how the ocean makes me feel - the sounds, the smell, the colors. It is so healing and I tried to be so present and soak up every last second of it. 

Day 3:

We got to go to a fun Welcome Dinner and Party at our hotel our 2nd night of our trip. It was fun to get a little more dressed up for one night, since island life can be super casual! The earrings are almost exact, I got these exact ones in a turquoise color. I couldn't find the exact dress I am wearing, because I bought mine at a little boutique several years ago. I was really very excited to finally wear it though! I linked several similar dresses that would give you the same look, as well as some very similar, affordable sandals!

Day 4:

I wore this simple surfer girl look to tour the island with my best friend and my boyfriend! We saw some really beautiful waterfalls, some volcanic rock, and even drove through a hail storm before getting back to our hotel area. I got the tank I am wearing at Target a few years ago, so I linked some similar tanks that would give you the same look. They always have cute new ones every year, and the ones I linked above are also SO cute and fun. Shorts are exact, and the black sandals are exact, but mine are in their tan color. I also own and love the thinner strap tan ones that I linked.

Day 5:

For my last day in paradise, with a little bit of color on my skin and and my heart and love tank full of paradise, I went with these easy, breezy tropical outfit that I loved. Shorts & tank linked below are exact, the rest are similar items that would help you create the same look. I called this my coral necklace look.

That is it! I didn't take any photos in my swimwear, but please check out this post from when I did my swimsuit shopping! I mostly wore the purple one piece on the right and the black tankini on the right. I also got the BEST black sarong to go with those. It was super soft and lightweight and goes with everything.

I hope you enjoyed this Island wear post. I cannot wait to return to the Big Island again. I feel like I needed one more day to relax on the beach or at the pool or go on a tour. There is never enough time though, right!?

Would you like me to do a packing tips post in the future?
I could also do a post about Hawaii or Maui and places to eat and shop at!?



Date Night Camo

I wore this outfit to a dinner date night with my boyfriend James last week! As usual, I am wearing a mix of Nordstrom and Target fashions!

Shop the look below! Open up this post in your email browser if it is hard to scroll through the images on your email/ phone. The t-shirt I am wearing is in the light pink color. I love this t-shirt as a wardrobe staple. I think I own 3 colors now - pink, white, and kelly green. The earrings are not exact, but I found this awesome similar dupe for only $8!! The lipstick is one of my favorite blush pinks - the color is Brave. I hope you guys enjoy this post.

What are you doing this weekend!? 
I am going to a wedding!



Pink Adidas - Comfy Classic Cool

I wore these classic Adidas Shoes in High School in the late 90s! It is so fun to see them back in style. I found my pink ones in the photo at a Nordstrom Rack store. I wasn't sure about them at 1st, but who could say no to that blush pastel pink shoe!? And it fits me so great. I tried to link the similar styles below. I have seen tons of options in little girls' sizes too. So, you are in luck for your daughter, niece, or yourself if you wear youth sizes in tennis shoes!

Let me know if you find these pink adidas anywhere else. I would love to let my readers know! I also am in LOVE with these comfy jeans and t-shirt. If I had to wear one outfit every day for the next week or month, this would hands down be IT. Everything is linked below! Click the right arrow to scroll through the thumbnails and shop! 

Open the full post HERE if you cannot see the preview or shoppable links in your email inbox!

I hope you enjoy your week and if you are in a time zone like I am - Daylight Savings Time ends! WHOOHOOO!!! 

Let me know if you have these shoes or anything similar! I would love to see new ways to style them for the spring and summer coming up. 



Girls' Night Out OOTD

I had so much fun last weekend at the House of Blues Anaheim Preview Night Party! I don't get a ton of GNO (Girls' Night Out)(s), so it was exciting to get glammed up and hang out with the ladies! Shop my look by clicking the images below! 

I would have to say the best decision in choosing this look was wearing leggings! 



Softest Pajamas Ever

These pajamas are the softest most comfy pair I now own! I was actually shopping for a wedding guest dress with my mom one day, when we strolled into Soma to check out the underwear and PJs. These pajama sets that we found are so cute and thin and just amazing quality. I wore them right away, and cannot wait to purchase more sets. I want to just throw out all my old t-shirts and boxer shorts and have only nice, luxury PJs! Click through the images below to shop everything I am wearing in the photo! I could not find the exact bedding, but it is by Daisy Fuentes, and I usually buy my throw pillows at Home Goods. Our bedroom furniture is from Living Spaces. Boots (my cat) was especially excited to make an appearance in this photo. :) And, no - I definitely do not wake up like this. I WISH I did, though! I do know that I am ready to get some new panties, bras, and more jammies at Soma! I love to shop online, but it was also pretty fun to go into the store. They had great customer service and I love how they wrap up your items in your shopping bag. This is not an ad for them, but I am just such a new fan! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
Let me know if you have any fav items you like to buy at Soma



Mixing Budget Friendly Trends with High End Staples

I had a fun shopping day with my Mom the other day, and wanted to share my outfit with you guys. I mixed some high end, low end, and middle end pieces and started thinking about how I usually do this - because it makes the most sense to me!! I will run down the items below with links, and you can also click on the images below to shop! 
  • Necklace (Similar) - This is the cheapest item I am wearing in this outfit in terms of cost! I love to save money when it comes to statement necklaces. They go in and out of style, you want to buy several for each season, and they still look awesome! I could not find the exact necklace, but this one I linked is very similar and very affordable!
  • Earrings - My earrings would be considered a mid priced item.. NOT cheap, NOT too luxe that you are scared to wear them. Perfect. Nice, quality, beautiful. I got these from my Mom for a birthday present last year. I love them and they will last me so long and look beautiful for so long. They are also super light and comfy and that is important to me with earrings.
  • Bracelets - I stacked a few, but they are mostly this brand and still on trend. I think this is a good price point. I mean, I would love if they were just $5 each, but then the lure would be less right? They are affordable, but nice enough to give as a nice thoughtful gift to someone or find on sale sometimes if you want to save a little money. 
  • Shirt - This would be a budget item! And it is so comfy and soft and versatile! It is a piece you can mix and match through the seasons and pair with more expensive items. It runs a tad large. I am wearing a medium for reference. I am so glad I found this. I remember spending $100 on my 1st chambray shirt when they were first in style and I have only worn it a couple of times because I have to dry clean it and I am scared to mess it up! 
  • Jeans - I love this brand SO much for all distressed denim, and this sale makes them more affordable. I know I say high end and budget.. but I feel like jeans and boots are in betweeners. They are not a trendy, cheap price.. but they aren't outrageous. They should last a good while without going out of style and are very high quality. ALSO - I am 5'3". And this length is PERFECT on me! The end is frayed, which I think is a really cute 90s detail that I like. 
  • Boots - These are a pretty good price right now considering that full price they are over $150. I hesitated to even purchase these, but I am SO glad I did, because i have not been able to take them off! They are the perfect neutral, they match all of my clothes, and are so comfy. 
  • Purse - This is obviously the high end staple of the outfit! And this is the purse I use almost every day. It is literally never full - hence the name "Neverfull"! It never goes out of style, it gets better with age, and it matches everything! 

Let me know if you enjoy posts like this!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 



Presidents Day Dinner Outfit and Makeup

I had dinner at my parents' house last night, with my boyfriend James and 2 of my cousins! Steve lives in Hong Kong with his new wife and family, and he was in Southern California to take his 12 year old daughter Sophia to Legoland and Disneyland for her birthday! She lives in Northern California with her mom. It was so fun to see them, since most of our family is out east in North Carolina and we don't get a chance to see any of them in California especially.

I am part of an online community of amazing women where we learn about self love makeup, etc. and I went live on Facebook and put my makeup on yesterday evening for this look! I maybe had a max of 15 people watching me at one time, which is a small group, considering the bigger group is over 700 strong, but I faced my fear of doing it and that felt really good to me. I have a tendency to overthink things, be self conscious, and really dislike public speaking. This is a little bit of a different avenue, but it is more interaction than a YouTube video, because you are live chatting with whomever is talking. It was fun to do my makeup and hair that way!! I was mostly just proud of myself for not caring what people thought and going for it because it sounded fun!

Here is the photo (above) that I posted on Instagram yesterday, and you can shop the look below! Looks like everything is in stock right now, and these boots are SO COMFORTABLE - with our without socks. Push the arrow on the right to scroll through for all of the products, including major makeup and jewelry. I forgot to put earrings on! Oh the travesty!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week! 




Valentine's Day Makeup

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones or with yourself! 
I took some extra time into my makeup yesterday, so I wanted to share all the products in the look. 
All products and colors used are linked below separately in a list, then in the widget at the bottom. 
I took myself out to a romantic lunch alone at Chipotle, a manicure and pedicure, and then my boyfriend James and I had a romantic dinner date at night and then watched some Netflix. It was perfect! After so many holidays being so ill, and a few hard days this past week, I felt very blessed. 

Product List (click links to shop!):

Click the images and arrows below to view & shop products!

I hope that was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions! 



Everyday Espadrilles

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have been a bit sick this week, but that's why online shopping is my FAVORITE!!! I scored these espadrilles for over 50% off retail and had to share!

(Other cute prints available = 

I am planning on styling these with everything this spring - dresses, jeans, and shorts! I love the brand, they are very comfortable. I don't buy a lot of leopard in my wardrobe, but for shoes and handbags, I always make an exception! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!



Swimwear Shopping

I am a grown ass woman. I am 36 years old. I have been around the block.. in the sense that I went from having a strong, fit body (and mind!), so being very ill for years on end. I was down to a very unhealthy thin weight at my sickest. Now, thanks to modern medicine, I am doing SO much better. I have also gained weight, half of it is healthy and the second half is extra... and guess what? I am OK with that.

I know this a post about swimwear, but I am going to get a little bit deeper today - which I actually do QUITE often in my personal life, but I try to keep my blog light and fun and shopping and beauty and all of the fun things. But, life is life, and things get really real when you gotta go swimwear shopping after gaining LOTS of sizes in clothing and having a new body to buy a swimsuit for! If you are a Mom, or have ever gained or lost weight for ANY reason, I am sure you can relate!

I used to actually kind of HOARD bikinis. I don't know why. I just liked to have a variety, and you never know what you are going to feel like wearing on vacation or how bloated you might be from eating and drinking and lounging! Also, the trends and the seasons change, the styles change, depending on what your destination is you might wear a different suit, you can never really sell a nice swimsuit after wearing it, and you know.. breaking up and donating or tossing is just hard for me to do sometimes. Also, I might see the suit online and think I am going to look like the photo or the model if I buy it. Which doesn't happen. So I keep buying.

So, I have some trips coming up this year and spring is around the corner (that is crazy to say!). I bought some one pieces last year when I went to Los Cabos, Mexico with James and his family, because frankly I did not fit in any of my old bikinis anymore, and I did not feel comfortable exposing all that skin! I felt like the one pieces I was wearing there were too big though! I got some cute ones from Macy's, Target, and TJ Maxx, I think. Too much fabric hanging off of me though, and it made me feel heavy from the water, like I had clothes on in the pool. So, I visited Nordstrom a few weeks ago, and after a marathon dressing room situation, in which my sweet Mom was called in to peek at everything, I left with nothing. I repeat, I bought nothing!

I wish I could work out like I used to. I wish I could eat as healthy as I used to. I am working on it. I lack a lot of energy and I missed a lot of life. I don't love going up in jeans sizes, but I love feeling better. I used to tell my family that I would "gain all the weight in the world, if I could just feel better!".. and now I feel better, so I CHOOSE to love my body, even when my jeans are tight and I have to buy new bathing suits! This body has been through hell and back, and I am going to be as nice to my body (and mind!) as I possibly can. We will be in Hawaii in 5 weeks. I am not going to starve myself or do some miracle bootcamp workout to get into a smaller size bathing suit or dress by that time. It is not realistic and it is not healthy for me. I don't actually really CARE that I have a new, slightly larger body. Hopefully one day, I can work out again, and become stronger and healthier again. But, for now, I am getting used to it and I love myself more and I also LOVE that I am able to go on a trip with my boyfriend for his work. I also get to see my best friend, who moved there last year! I am very blessed.

Anyways, trying on bathing suits in a department store dressing room is not a good time y'all. I don't think it probably is for anyone, with any size body. We are our own worst critic anyways, and staring at yourself in all these weirdly lighted angles is not cool. LOL! So, after this fiasco, I took to the internet, searched high and low, and guess what?.. Freaking Target does it again. That's a hashtag, right? #targetdoesitagain ?? -- So, before my rant got going, I wanted to show you guys some of the suits I got after ordering several styles online and I will be going to the store to return the ones I did not like.

I am sure everyone's body is different, but when you are thin, or even athletic, you buy certain bikinis and you are good to go. You can loosen the sides of the bottoms, get a different top. Maybe you have a bigger chest, you get a bigger top or a more supportive top. Now, in one pieces AND tankinis, I found that I don't like the following features the most: a high back on the swimsuit (too tight and constricted feeling), a low back on the swimsuit (too much back rolling around back there), and too much fabric all around (feels like I am wearing loose, heavy, wet clothes when I get in the water). The ones pictured and linked below are the ones I kept and I will tell you why! Let's get to it..

I found a style that flattered me, and I guess I stuck to it! I got 3 tankini tops, shown and linked below. These tops are not tight on my back and stomach, but the material is thin enough that I don't feel like I am going to be floating in heavy clothes. The bra area around my torso is a little tight in the medium size, but I think I would be pulling up the size large all day, so I am going to stick to the mediums and hope they work! The top 2 have so many different patterns. I actually love them all, but these colors and patterns spoke to me. The material on the bottom is sheer, but not too sheer, and the straps are removable, as you can see.

I was thinking I was going to send this next one back, because I liked the lightweight fabric of the ones above, but I ended up loving this one too. I always like to have a basic black piece with me on vacation too, so this is perfect. 

Now, I know I have tons of old bathing suits, and I have always had curvy hips, so I usually go up a size in bottoms anyways. Some of my old black or solid bikini bottoms might still fit me, and I will dig through them, but how cute is this high waist swim brief, that covers everything, is not too tight, and just fits right up under those flowy tankini tops!? I got a large in these and they feel comfortable. 

I almost forgot, I got a 1-piece as well! This also kind of follows the same rules I found out or created for my body - covers all of the right things, but there is not not too much fabric and the fit is not too tight. I also thought the royal plum color was really pretty and kind of different! 

I hope this helped someone out there, someway, somehow. I feel like I opened up and became a little more vulnerable by sharing this with you guys - swimwear shopping and especially swimwear wearing - are very revealing and sometimes tough things for us to do as women. I want to really spread a positive body image message around though, and if you think swimsuit shopping sucks - I feel you girl!... But, take a moment to love your body parts. Be thankful for those hips that you bore children with, those breasts you breastfed with, those legs that you can walk on, those arms that can do so many things for you, that booty that you get to sit on.. all of these are blessings and I just want us all to be thankful for them, instead of putting ourselves down! Rock that body, girls! I love you all! 

Where are you buying swimwear from this year? 

Did you buy anything super cute that you want to share? Please do!

P.S. No, this post is not sponsored by Target, but I really wish it was! 



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