September Favorites & YouTube Video

Happy FALL everyone! 

I did my first ever favorites video for the month of September! This was a bit harder than I thought, because I have a LOT of favorites. I narrowed it down to a cool 14, but I will try to get it down to 10 maybe next time? This was really fun to create, so I hope you all love it! It was so fun sharing my favorite things with you. 

Check out the link to the video below, and all of the links and tags. 
Watch the video here, or click below: 


Candle Stand: (Similar) 

Red Wine:

Lara Bars: (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip)

Taco Salad: (Recipe) 

Makeup Brushes:

Blog Post:


Toilet Spray:


Argan Oil:
5-Piece Kit:

Ring: (Sitewide Discount Code: GRETCH10) 
Blog Post:

Lip Gloss:

Cleansing Bar:

Root Spray: (Dark Brown & Light to Medium Brown)



Necklace: (Brand)
Similar Style:


Ring 1: (Sitewide Discount Code: GRETCH10)
Ring 2: (Gold)

Bracelets: (Gold Misc.)
Bracelet: (Similar)
Watch Band: (Custom)


Face: (Foundation; Tawny) (Bronzer) (Highlighter) 

Eyes: (Shadows) (Liner) (Lashes) (Brows) 

Lips: (Liner; Stripdown) (Lipstick; Blush Nude) (Gloss; Creme Brulee)

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What are your favorites for September? Beauty, fashion, food, anything! 
Look out for another empties post, coming soon!



August Empties Haul & YouTube Video

Happy September everyone! 

Real talk here - I have had a ton of empty products piling up, and even drafts of blog posts, and I just wanted to mix things up this month. So, I created a YouTube video for this month's post.

Check out the link to the video below, and all of the links and tags! I hope you enjoy this!

Watch the video here, or click the photo below:


Tank Top: (White)

Necklace: (Silver)

Earrings: (Silver) 

Bracelets: (Silver) (Silver) 

Nails: (Rubble)

Face: (Juicy) 

Eyes: (Shadows) (Liner) (Mascara) 


Brows: (Medium Brown)

Lips: (Stripdown) (Crush) (Nymphette)


(Cinnamon Caramel Swirl & Paris Lavender Macaron) 


Conditioner Spray: 

Lipgloss: (Nymphette)

Eye Cream:

Makeup Remover Cloths:

Shower Gel:

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Let me know if you like this video format!


Comfiest Jeans Ever

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

I went on a nice Harley ride with James yesterday, and visited with my parents on Friday for dinner. It was really pretty outside and I love spending time with them. Today I am blogging, packing for an upcoming trip, and trying to get things straight with my health insurance (FUN, right?)! 

I wanted to share these amazing jeans with you that I just got from Nordstrom recently, and I put together this fun look, with lots of other details on the look posted below!


Jeans: Nordstrom | Top: Nordstrom | Shoes: Nordstrom (Similar) | 
Necklace: Forever21 (SimilarBracelets: Henri Bendel, Kate Spade, Nordstrom
WatchBand: Strap Smith (Custom) | Earrings: Henri Bendel | Hat: Nordstrom (Similar) | 
Ring: Wear Bracha (10% off code: Gretch10) | Lipstick: Blush Nude | 
Lashes: Volum [c/o] | Nail Color: Sew Me

You can also scroll through and click the items below to shop! 

What are your favorite jeans? Let me know the brand and style. 
I also have a love for Paige Denim and 7 For All Mankind - both from Nordstrom, as well. 




My Turkey Taco Salad Recipe!

BY POPULAR DEMAND... If you follow me on snapchat that is.. my Taco Salad recipe!
If you don't follow me on SnapChat, and you want to - I don't promise the most exciting reel of life ever, but I do have some fun recipes, makeup tricks, outfits, fashion, some late night singing in the car garage parties, photos of my cats, etc. I am @afitfashionista over there. It won't let me change my name to @GretchCannon - but that is what you see on the page after you add @afitfashionista. Weird. 

Down to biz. 

I have been on a turkey taco salad kick for the past couple weeks, and I guess it is just because it is SO good and so easy and I don't get tired of it! It could be healthier (remove cheese, remove chips), but I love it like this for now! Here is a photo of the one I made today. They are all usually very much the same, sometimes a little bit different.. 

This is what they look like after I snap my photo and smash everything together to eat it. Not so beautiful but still so scrumptious. 

Shopping list/ ingredients for the taco salad are as follows - AND THIS SHOULD GIVE YOU ABOUT 5 TACO SALADS - depending on the amount of turkey meat you add to your salad:
  • 1 pack of extra lean or lean ground turkey meat 
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning (i get gluten free) 
  • 1-2 bags of shredded iceberg lettuce (would be cheaper to shred your own lettuce, but this is for lazy people like me) 
  • 2% plain greek yogurt tub (you can use full fat or fat free if you want, but I like the flavor of 2% and I get the individual sizes so I can save half)
  • Shredded cheddar cheese (or fiesta blend - mmm!)
  • Vegetables (I like to add tomatoes, cucumbers and lime juice - also sliced avocado when they are in season at my house, and cilantro and green onions for garnishing!) 
  • Salt & Tapatio (or whatever hot sauce you like) for seasoning - could use salsa too if you want
  • Bag of some type of tortilla chips (i get anything gluten free, and I love Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips) 

Instructions: Remember - This should make you 5 lunches for the week!! 
  1. Brown the entire package of turkey on the stove and add the seasoning packet contents per the directions on the outside of the package. Take out what you need today's salad, and store the rest in a tupperware container in the fridge. I probably eat 1/2 cup of meat on each salad and I run out after 5 salads. 
  2. Get a large bowl, and add shredded lettuce, sliced vegetables, 1/2 cup of cheese, and 1/2 package of the greek yogurt. The greek yogurt tastes like sour cream and is delish!! 
  3. Line your bowl with chips and top with tapatio and anything else you want, like cilantro or green onions. 
  4. Eat! 
  5. Oh wait, SNAPchat that ish, then eat the whole thing!
  6. Lick the bowl? I would never... :) 

I hope you enjoy this recipe. 
Let me know if you try it or have any other ideas or suggestions for me! 


August Beauty Empties!

Happy Friday beautiful people! Of course, I already have empties for August ! 
You can check out May's HERE, June's HERE, July's HERE, and August's below!

This continues to be my favorite series, because it is so rewarding and fun for me to reflect back and see what I used, if I loved it, and if I will purchase it again. I throw my empty products in a box under my bathroom vanity, and collect them for a post before I recycle them. 

Check out the ones I have for you below and let me know if you love any of these or have used up anything interesting this month or season so far!

1. Sleep Pillow Mist Spray - You can get these at Bath & Body Works in the room spray section for under $13! This particular scent is not being carried anymore (Warm Milk & Honey), but I love and also own the 2 they still have - Lavender Vanilla & Lavender Chamomile. The one I have pictures is in a glass bottle, and now they come in a plastic bottle. I spray this on my pillow when I go to sleep at night and I feel like the scent helps me relax.

2. Glam Glow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment - I loved this travel size sample I got from Sephora! The full size jar is $69, but of all the masks I have tried, I love this brand and will definitely end up purchasing one when all my smaller sample sizes run out. It is for firmness, and when you apply it on your face it is SILVER and it peels off. I love it and highly recommend it as a face mask.

3. Make Up Forever Mist & Fix - This is $30 for a full size bottle at Sephora. I got this smaller travel size in line at the store - you know where you are ready to pay and then you suddenly need everything else that they have displayed!? I would totally recommend this though to set your face after you do your makeup. It makes it last all day long, and this one doesn't feel sticky or heavy like some of the other brands.

4. Enjoy Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo - This $18 price on is the lowest I have seen for this product. I purchased mine from my hair salon, when I had some tape-in hair extensions in the front. I have been using Enjoy hair products for years, and was urged to use this sulfate-free line to take care of my tape-in extensions. I still have some of the condition and a hair mask to use up, but this shampoo ran out faster. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with tape-ins! Mine lasted forever!!

5. India Hicks Island Night Smooth Body Lotion - The link is to a lot of India Hicks similar products, as it looks like this is discontinued. It was a sensual scent that I loved to keep in the bathroom for guests to use, and I think I have talked about it before. Now, I am absolutely out of it!

6. Secret Paris Deodorant - You can probably find this in any drugstore, Target, etc - but I did love this Paris Romantic Rose scent, and the invisible protection this deodorant/ anti-perspirant this provided! Less than $4, you can't beat it, and I love the sleek packaging.

I hope you enjoyed my August Empties Haul! I look forward to September's already! 
Let me know if you have any questions and let me know what products you ran out of this month!! 

POLL - Would you also like to see this as a YouTube video or series? Or keep it to a blog post? Let me know in the comments here or on social media. Thanks!



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